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Relationship advice from Cosmo

Dating hints from men

I haven’t changed so much over the years and every once in a while, I still like to check out Cosmo magazine for its sizzling advice. One feature in this month’s Cosmo includes relationship advice from men for women. Here’s a run-down of the advice given by the men interviewed by the magazine. 

The advice is a little more clean-cut and focuses more on relationship advice than sex advice. (My apologies to those who were looking for more serious sex advice.) Let’s see if the advice is any good or if you agree with any of it. According to the guys interviewed: 

Delay of texts are ok. Girls should wait for long periods of time until their love interests respond back to them. Hmmm. I say, it takes less than a second to text “k” in response. 


Take initiative in bed once in a while. It should be no problem, right? Just don’t try this on your new gay best friend because this could put him in an awkward position. Literally. 


Let your boyfriend be friends with other girls. I think this depends on the girl. There are some definite nice girls who are totally trustworthy, but there are a few skanky ho-bags out there who should not be near your boyfriend.


Take a compliment and show off your strengths once in a while. If you are a great cook, let people know and invite your boyfriends’ friends and family over to dinner once in a while. 


Give your boyfriend compliments once in a while. Instead of just nitpicking, tell him what you really like about him. 


Stop pretending to like things that your boyfriend does. Some guys like mediocre wishy-washy girls, but if you aren’t one, don’t pretend to be one. (This doesn’t mean you have to go to the opposite extreme just to be belligerent, just that you should be yourself.)


Talk about sex. It might be uncomfortable, but you can both learn what you really like. 


Don’t forget to hold hands and kiss your boyfriend. 


Say what you mean. 


Ditch the guy if you  have been in a relationship with him for over half a year and there isn’t any trust in the relationship. That is unlikely to change. 


Check your ego in at the door before you go on dates with your boyfriend. Don’t talk too much about how great you are or how wonderful you are. If you are really all that great, it will show through in a different way.