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May-December romance

The appeal of the older man

When seeing an older man holding hands with a significantly younger woman, many onlookers have the tendency to assume that there is something not genuine about the relationship.  Surely, the female cannot truly be in love with the older man.  She must be in it for some sort of monetary gain.  Or is she?Although not in a May-December romantic relationship myself, I can definitely see the appeal of an older man.  The more time a person has spent on this earth, the more wisdom he is able to gain. Therefore, an older man is likely to be a wise man. When he talks, it is easy to get fascinated by what he says. The things that he has accomplished and experienced in his life can cause a younger female to feel great admiration for him. 

In comparison to their younger counterparts, an older man is likely to have achieved more successes in life.  That means he probably has earned a higher ranking in his career, and has become financially-stable.  A man who has achieved a lot in his career and has no signs of money trouble is more likely to attract a female—and not just the gold-digging ones.  Generally speaking, women are just naturally more attracted to men who are great at what they do and are able to help provide for their future family. 

In any relationship, it is common to want to learn and improve ourselves through a relationship with a romantic partner.  When a romantic partner is older, there is plenty to be learned.  So yeah, that can also make an older man appealing.