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Why I don’t Facebook friend my husband

And why it works for us.

Like most other people, I too am on Facebook.  However, unlike most other married women, I am not Facebook friends with my husband.  My husband thinks I am silly for refusing to be friends with him on the social media site, but he is rather okay with it all. My refusal to be Facebook friends with my husband is not due to the fact that I have something to hide.  In actuality, it is because I want to leave a little bit of mystery about myself.  Plus I rather enjoy my personal space.

My husband and I are closer than the average couple.  We have dinner together every night, and we spend almost all of our free time together.  We run and train for marathons together, and we devote a good amount of time to rehearse and perform Vietnamese opera together.  We even do most of our grocery shopping alongside one another.  Therefore, my husband knows just about everything there is to know about me.  For that reason, I find it unnecessary for him to read my latest posting on Facebook.

Since the beginning of our marriage, my husband and I have always respected each other’s personal space and communications with friends and family.  I would never answer his cell phone, and he would never answer mine.  We also do not read each other’s text messages or emails.  In fact, I have no clue what my husband’s chosen email address password is, and he has no idea how to get into my email account.  We trust each other enough to not have to watch over one another’s personal communications.  So there really is no reason for him to see everything that I post and comment on with my Facebook account.