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A former relationship with a Rock n’ Roll Musician

Ah, a relationship with a rock n’ roll musician may seem romantic. In my past relationship with a rock n’ roll musician….not really. Many people have this pure image of a rocker’s career in the music industry having fame, fortune, groupie fans, glamorous mansions, fancy cars, clothes, etc. This is a “fantasy dream” for many people. Realistically, that is not the case folks. My former relationship with a rock n’ roll musician did not have all that criteria. Some people may think that rock n’ roll musicians girlfriends and wives have the glitz and glam in a rock star relationship, but that isn’t exactly true.

My former relationship with a musician was a “roller-coaster” ride. It wasn’t exactly a fun ride. I have personally seen up close and personal of what a “rock stars” musician career and lifestyle entails. It is quite an interesting story. Millions of people think that all rock n’ roll musicians have these crazy, groupie-girl fans. That’s a false statement. For many well-known huge famous bands and musicians, many possible groupies may fall under this category. I didn’t know what I signed up for when entering this past relationship. I knew that my ex was a musician, but didn’t know if he had crazy groupie fans or ex-girlfriends following him around. Many assume and pass judgment that a musician has a bizarre lifestyle of crazy obsessive ex-girlfriends. That depends on the musician’s relationship past. Before entering the relationship with my ex-musician, I was afraid to be labeled as one of that rocker’s girlfriend that is with him for his fame and money. I didn’t think too much about the relationship going “sour” towards the end.

Many couples meet each other through good friends or family. But in my situation, I met my ex at my old job. I didn’t know much about him until getting a surprise text and phone call from my ex. Of course, I hashed out the details with my sister and she instantly recognized his name. I was thinking, “Great, must be a hardcore-rocker with tons of girls following him around.” I thought to myself, “Why not give this a shot and see where it goes.” I was dating this musician for an almost good 3 months until he had to leave for his U.S. tour. I really didn’t know what life was like on the road in a musician’s career. I wanted to find out more so I asked around who was very close to him. His drum tech told me he has known him since he was a teenager and he is not like a lot of musicians who have groupies running after him. I decided to come visit my ex-musician during his last few live performance shows.

I got a glimpse of my ex-musicians life on the road including rehearsals with his band, sound check, tour bus, and met the management crew. The live concert shows are not very huge. There are a lot of people out in the crowd, but it wasn’t very crazy like something you would see at huge “mosh-pits.” Being backstage was an amazing experience because I got to see the drum, guitar, and bass techs work on back-up sets in case any strings broke on the instruments during live shows. There is a show on VH1 that features, Behind the Music, which showcases a musician’s career and lifestyle. Many of these hardcore rockers have addiction and drug problems, numerous sex with women, along with groupies chasing after them. In my situation, I did not see any of that. The crowd seemed very mature and I didn’t see any “panties” or “bras” flying on stage. After shows, I did see a few crowds of fans gather near the tour bus hoping for an autograph or picture with the band. My ex-musician was in another huge famous band years ago, so I didn’t know what the dynamic was like back in his musical career. I remembered he stated that he made tons of money and spent a lot. Many people think that if you’re a rock star and you have millions in your bank account, there’s a grand life of luxurious mansions and fast cars. I didn’t know much about his spending habits; so I didn’t ask.

I must say…being with a musician can be a lot of hard work. Depending on the type of musician you’re with, for me; it wasn’t very easy. It can be difficult in a relationship with a musician. I also notice that when musician’s come home after an extensive tour, they are locked in “post-tour depression.” It may sound like a scary term, but it’s true. I have noticed this a lot with my ex. Their bodies will completely shut down at most times because they are so exhausted. Planning dinner or movie dates was a bit difficult because my ex wasn’t in the mood to go out because of so much exhaustion built inside his body. I also saw a brief glimpse of band rehearsals each day. Dealing with a musician boyfriend on the road can be very tough, but you have to be strong if you are in this type of relationship. Honestly, it was not very easy for me. In the end, the relationship deteriorated for many personal reasons as well. I didn’t feel right in the relationship, so it had to end to a close. It was a sad departure, but I had to move on.