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Would You Ever Date a Serial Monogamist?

Did you ever notice that any guy who ever calls himself a “serial monogamist” is usually someone that occasionally cheats on his girlfriends and has his next relationship already started before his current relationship is officially over?

A person who calls himself a serial monogamist is labeling himself in a certain way that demonstrates both that the serial monogamist has a serious problem understanding the word “monogamy” and its implications, and that the guy might not be as much of a catch as he thinks he is.

Merriam Webster has three definitions for monogamy:  

1.  archaic : the practice of marrying only once during a lifetime

2.  the state or custom of being married to one person at a time

3. the condition or practice of having a single mate during a period of time

While most of the serial monogamists I’ve met have no problem only marrying one person at a time—since it is illegal to do otherwise in most, if not all, states—most serial monogamists violate the archaic or traditional definition of monogamy and marry more than once. In addition, most of the self-professed serial monogamists obviously don’t have a single mate for their lifetime.

The definition for a “serial monogamist” is slightly different. From HERE:

"A serial monogamist is a person who has many sexual partners in his or her lifetime, but only ever one at a time."

A majority of the serial monogamists that I’ve met have cheated on a majority of their partners. I’ve also heard more than a few statements from serial monogamists about their “dateability.”A typical example might be: “I’ve had great relationships with every single one of my girlfriends.”

Since it’s unlikely that a “serial monogamist” was actually monogamous or could even remember the names of all of his old girlfriends, this claim doesn’t carry so much weight. SOME of a serial monogamist’s girlfriends might have ended the relationship happily, but not all of them.

Don’t believe me? Conduct your own poll--check around with your friends who are either serial monogamists, have dated serial monogamists, or who know serial monogamists. I can almost guarantee you that most of the serial monogamists might have the same relationship patterns as I mentioned above.

To be fair to the serial monogamists, there might be some advantages to dating serial monogamists. A serial monogamist knows the preferences of women and might adjust more easily to being in relationships than someone who hasn’t had as many relationships.

The downside to dating a serial monogamist is fairly obvious; he gets bored quickly in relationships and might not have what it takes to remain faithful or to make a long-term commitment.