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What is "The Chase"?

Why would a woman let a man chase her if she loved him? Why wouldn’t she just skip the chase and tell him that she loved him?

Probably because that chase is how the man decides if he wants to be with her. Being given the chance to chase a wonderful woman (who they view as worth that effort) is every man’s fantasy.

Why? It has to do with the man’s ego. A man is more likely to want to be with a woman, especially, if he had to fight to get her in the first place. The man’s ego ties in with his competitive nature. When he meets a great woman, that woman is obviously quite the prize. After all, he assumes she has a lot of options when it comes to picking her ideal mate.

Now the woman will evaluate her options and decide which man is willing to put the most time and effort into seeing her. Also, at the same time, she will consider her level of compatibility with that man.

This is simply the natural course of things, this is what a woman is supposed to be thinking and doing when a man is interested in her. However, by doing this she is, in fact, initiating the chase. Whether she realizes it or not a man will in fact fall in love with a woman who knows how to let them chase them. Turns out the woman doesn’t have to do much for this to happen. To read more about the chase, go here.