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Teens and Unprotected Sex

I had just finished watching The Tyra Banks Show, which featured an episode on “unprotected sex” regarding young teenagers. A few of the young teenagers featured on the show were very young girls who do not use “protected sex” at all. Teen pregnancy is one of the biggest health concerns in the United States. Many young teenage girls are using unprotected sex. According to the United States “Center for Disease Control,” one-third of teenage girls will get pregnant by the time they turn 20 years old. What?? That is an insane number of teen pregnancy rates in the United States alone. Are you folks so surprise with this ridiculous rate in teen pregnancy?

I took a part-time telemarketing firm job after my sophomore year in high school during the summer. I had worked with a young lady that was very nice and sweet. We came to get to know each other on the job and outside work as well. I remembered she took me home after work ended and we started chatting about teenage sex. My former coworker told me she had contracted “Chlamydia” at the age of only 16 years old. She had also told me she used unprotected sex too. Chlamydia is a form of an “STD” better known as a sexually transmitted disease that is also a serious infection in the body that can spread from person to person. After my former co-worker told me her story, I felt a bit of sudden sadness and dissatisfaction in her voice. She told me that living with this infectious disease will be a part of her life along with accepting the fact that it will remain inside her body forever. She felt ashamed and sad.

Many people live in shame when they are living with a contagious disease living inside their body. My former co-worker was not. I applaud her for being so deeply open about this serious topic on teenage sex. She did tell me she regretted it, but managed to move on with her life. What she also told me was an unplanned pregnancy that happened as well. She decided to have an abortion. My former co-worker was in a lot of financial debt and did not want to be responsible for taking care of a baby. Even though that may sound a bit selfish to some people, this was a very smart decision for her to make. Even though it was extremely difficult, she had to accept the fact that this was the best decision. I instantly told her to not feel ashamed or feel like it’s her fault at all. I had also told her that was one of the bravest things she has done in her life. How would you feel if you were put in that situation? What would you do?

I am the kind of person that would never ever judge a person based on whatever they do in their own life. We are all human beings and we make mistakes. Of course, many mistakes will help us learn to not go back to the same route in life. Therefore, learning the different mistakes we make in life is a learning lesson making us stronger individuals in today’s society. For example, if my friend had an unplanned pregnancy and did not use protected sex, I would not judge her based on her decisions. That is her individual choice in life. For many young teenage girls, it is very hard for them to open up to other people including their own parents about sex. Sex is a very important subject matter that many young teenagers today try to avoid from their parents. They may feel embarrassed or ashamed to openly discuss about this topic or to just really keep it a secret.

I hope young teenagers will find the courage to openly discuss sex with their parents and have a voice to be heard. Parents should at least be role models to their own children. Most young teenagers in today’s society do mostly turn to their parents for support, advice, and guidance on many things in life. For parents to give their overall support and attention to their kid’s needs will be extremely helpful and beneficial for them as well. To step in as a strong parent will really help guide their young teenagers in making the smartest decisions in their life. Please be there for your children. They do need your support, guidance, and help. This will help make a significant impact and difference in your child’s life.

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