Rush Limbaugh Should Show Us Sex Tapes

Rush Limbaugh Should Show Us Sex Tapes

Not that anyone would want to see them...

A bust of Rush Limbaugh is apparently being added to my state’s capitol, alongside actual important—even admirable—people because in Missouri, calling young advocates sluts and demanding to see their sex tapes is a classy act that will get you your own statue.

I think Rush should earn this prestigious honor though, don’t you? Maybe he should release a sex tape. Sure, it would be bound to be more like an R-rated version of America’s Funniest Home Videos (or it might make people call 911 for various reason), and it sure wouldn’t sell in any x-rated video stores, but it would at least give him something to be famous for. A statue of a jerkface who simply sweats a lot and shouts a lot and doesn’t make any sense; and while I would never advocate for a person to be celebrated on sex tape infamy alone, he’s got to have something to make him deserve a statue, right?

And since Rush is a user of Viagra—a drug that’s only sold for sex, whereas contraception, despite the common male belief, has several good uses other than its pregnancy prevention bonus—we all know that he is, indeed, having sex. Women on the pill, on the other hand, may be controlling painful symptoms or abnormal uterine bleeding (many women I know—myself included—have used it for these reasons even when not sexually active). And guess what? They’re also preventing all of that pregnancy by rape or pregnancy during poverty crap that you just hate, Rush! By taking the pill, women are keeping themselves from having abortions or getting food stamps or whatever else they might need to support unprepared-for children—so your support would definitely make much more sense here.

Of course, none of us expect for Limbaugh to make any sense, ever—though we do expect our elected officials to, at least occasionally. And setting up a statue of Limbaugh, lauding him as a “great” man in our state, certainly doesn’t make any sense. And using our tax dollars—which I would gladly use to provide birth control for women (who should already get it from the premiums they are paying themselves, by the way)—to build it is so much more of a waste and a sickening abuse of taxpayer funds than anything else the bigmouth has ever even whispered about.

To protest this ridiculous statue, you can join the rally in Jefferson City here.