Romantic You: Feeling Sexy is Being Sexy

Romantic You: Feeling Sexy is Being Sexy

In a world of airbrushed megastars and lingerie-clad supermodels in wings, it's sometimes hard to stop looking in the mirror and judging ourselves against the bombshells we're told are every man's ideal. Feeling like you don't measure up to these ridiculously rare, and often digitally or surgically enhanced beauties can leave a gal feeling less than sexy. And when we're not feeling sexy, it's much harder to feel romantic.


Despite what the fashion industry is trying to sell, beauty and sex appeal doesn't come from hours with makeup artists and hair stylists. It's about confidence and feeling good about yourself. That doesn't come from a bottle of dye, liposuction or $500 pair of stilettos. It comes from knowing yourself and treating yourself to the things that make you feel sexy in your own skin.


What makes you feel feminine and romantic? A special perfume? A hot new bra and panty set? Wearing your husband's faded college tee-shirt? Whatever it is that makes you feel good about you—do it! Those little things that make you feel good about yourself will have you smiling, confident and feeling a little romantic.


And, much like a sassy snowball, the better and more romantic you're feeling, the more vibes you're going to be putting out to your partner. And that's not only sexy, but intoxicating. Seeing his reaction to your saucy confidence will only fuel your desire for intimacy and romance. It's a snowball effect that you'll both enjoy.


Don't waste time comparing yourself to any other woman. None of us are the same and that's how we're meant to be. After all, wasn't it your individual beauty that caught his eye in the first place?