Life as a hopeless romantic

Life as a hopeless romantic

The pros and cons

I have always considered myself to be a hopeless romantic.  What does that mean?  It means I have a tendency to fall in love real fast and really hard. There are many things that come with the territory of being a hopeless romantic.  Some are good, and others are really bad.  For that reason, I am unsure whether or not I would actually choose to be a hopeless romantic if the option was mine.

So what is good about being a hopeless romantic?  I believe being a hopeless romantic is what has allowed me to so easily open up to the possibility of falling in love with someone.  Therefore, I rarely ever have to worry about missing out on love simply because of an unwillingness to allow love into my life.  Also, once I do find myself falling for someone, I get to experience all sorts of deep and passionate feelings that I don’t believe non-hopeless romantics are able to fully understand.

Then what are the cons to being a hopeless romantic?  Since I get so overwhelmed with emotions in the beginning of a relationship, it can cause me to overlook quite a bit of things.  For instance, I might not notice that the person I am dating possesses a trait that is unacceptable to me. So I then end up dating the wrong guy for a lot longer than I should have.

Another horrible downside to being a hopeless romantic is that it can cause me to prioritize love too much.  That means I am more willing to sacrifice things all in the name of love.  Doing so can easily complicate other areas of my life.

Are you a hopeless romantic?  And do you think it is a good trait to have?