How to go on the perfect beach date

How to go on the perfect beach date

Prepare yourself for a romantic fun-in-the-sun date


Now is the perfect time to go on beach date with your boyfriend since the weather's heating up all over the country. Proper planning of how you both are going determines the success of your date. For example, you don't want to feel like a lobster half way through it. Bring along the necessary items such as sunscreen, food and water, beach chairs and a bucket, should you both decide you want to engage in other activities while you're there.


Pack everything you need before you go including food, drinks, sunscreen, big plastic bags and any items that will enhance your beach date. Some fun beach items you may want to include are books, a pail to store sea shells in and a shovel if you and your date decide you want to build a sand castle.


Arrive at the beach early to pick out a good spot for the two of you to hang out at. For example, the closest beach to where my husband and I live is Daytona Beach, Florida. Since it's such as popular vacation destination, my husband and I try to get there early because so many people visit during the warmer months in Florida. Picking a location that offers some sort of shade works for those times when you need to get out of the sun for awhile.


Keep aware of how much time the two of you spend in the sun because when the rays are at their peak you can find yourself with a sunburn before you know it. Reapply your sunscreen every few hours to ensure adequate protection because otherwise, you might wind up having to cut the date short when one or both of you burns. Up the romantic atmosphere by applying your honey's sunscreen for him or her.


Drink plenty of fluids while you're the beach because if you don't you run the risk of experiencing dehydration. Juice and water are good choices when it comes to what you drink while you're hanging out in the sand. Consume twice as much water for every cup of coffee or alcohol you have. Putting a bit of planning into your beach date ensures that the two of you enjoy romance without any annoying repercussions such as forgetting sunscreen.