Communications and Romance When You're Away on Business

Communications and Romance When You're Away on Business

With today's technology, you're only a send button apart...

Nowadays, many couples are separated for short, and sometimes long, periods of time for business travel. While it's true to a degree that absence makes the heart grow fonder, it still stinks when you have to be apart. Luckily, along with the increased need for business travel has come many ways to stay in contact while you're apart. Even though it's better to have that special someone to cuddle up with every night, there are ways that you can stay close via technology.

Ten years ago, basic cellphones were a huge advance in communications. All of a sudden, you didn't have to wait until both parties were by a land line to have a conversation. Cellphones made it possible to share a chat whenever and wherever. But that still wasn't good enough. Plans and service areas were extremely limited and the cost of those conversation could be sky-high if you ran over your minutes.

Nowadays, the cellphones of yesteryear almost seem laughable. Not only can you hear your lover's voice, but see him via video chat on many of the smartphones available. Plus, there are so many great networks available, prices are relatively low and the coverage even worldwide is amazing.

And, beyond cellphones, many hotels that accommodate business travelers have free wi-fi available so you can hop onto your laptop or tablet and video chat into the wee hours of the morn if you want to. You no longer have to settle for a quick conversation governed by collect calls or calling cards. You can see and hear each other, share photos from your day and text a sexy or sweet goodnight, every night you're apart.

There's nothing more romantic than staying in touch and sharing your day with the one you love while one of you is away on business. That connection brings comfort and offers an opportunity to really show each other how much you truly mean to one another.