Blast from the past: Beauty and the Beast

Blast from the past: Beauty and the Beast

The classic 80s fantasy-soapish-drama is now on Netflix!

I may never leave my television again. Oh, this is bad. Netflix already takes so much of my time—dude, you can watch dinosaur documentaries and Walking with Prehistoric Beasts anytime you want!—and now that the classic 80s television show, Beauty and the Beast, is available to stream, I am in so much trouble.

I keep meaning to be productive—you know, write, work, plan field trips, whatever—but I end up going back to that show, starring Ron Pearlman and Linda Hamilton (both completely underused and amazing actors, if I do say so myself), and watching, wide-eyed, as I’m transported back to being a kid standing beside my grandmother, my arms around her neck, smelling that Catillion perfume as we watch this beauty and this beast dance around each other, clearly in love but not ready—or able—to act on their feelings as one serves as the gentle prince of the night and underground, the other a fearless crusader for justice above ground.

Oh, the handsome beast, the gender role reversals, the drama! It’s a crime show fantasy that puts everything I love in one place—including those memories of my beloved grandmother, my best friend who passed away a year before my child was born. I realize that the show fulfills the same plotline every time—Catherine is in trouble! Vincent to the rescue!—with an occasional alteration, but I still adore it, and I know many others do, too.

Disregard the photo completely; it’s only staged that way to attract viewers to a sexy Catherine. But you know what? She usually looked tough, in a business-like suit or dress, rather than a low neckline. And it was Vincent usually mooning over her, not the other way around, as it seems in this picture. If you haven’t seen this show, you are in for a treat! Remember it aired in 1987, so keep that in mind with the effects and such. Vincent is SO the gentle yet terrifying hero that girls who are into, say, Edward the Sparkle Vamp could really get into (and be better off).

And did you hear that the CW will be running a new Beauty and the Beast program this fall (probably replacing the canceled—thank goodness—Secret Circle)? It looks mildly interesting, but the guy isn’t even a beast all of the time! I don’t like that at all; that’s pretty much the burden of being the beast, isn’t it? And I’m already biased with my own show.

Which I’ll be watching, again, later tonight. Thanks a lot, Netflix!