Top Six Things Most Guys Crave From a Relationship

Ladies, have you ever wondered just what it is that your man is seeking from a relationship? This commonly fretted over issue can really lead to much frustration and discontent on both sides of the relationship…if you are not in the know that is. Learn what your man wants, and know from the get-go what we masculine males desire by reading the following top six list below. You might be surprised at how simple our needs—for the most part—truly are.

Top Six Things Most Guys Crave From a Relationship
1. Trust: guys want to know that they can trust you. This means not being devious, seeing other men, lying cheating, flirting (including text messaging other men in the middle of the night), or misleading us from the truth.
2. Emotional sustenance: we need a rock and a pillar to rely upon; that is where you come in. We need to know that we can cry on your shoulder, and rely upon you to be there for us.
3. Understanding: men don’t expect every friend to get them. From the woman in their lives they really crave for understanding from them; you are the only ones that truly get who we are.
4. True intimacy: we desire sex that you desire as well. Meaning that sex is fulfilling when you want it and ask for it, and not the latter.
5. Understanding our hobbies: guys like to surround themselves with different hobbies. From video games, to sports, to TV…a woman that gets this is golden.
6. Accepting us for who we are: some woman think they can change a man over time, they could not be any further from the truth.

Dating & Understanding Men: What Do Guys Want in a Relationship?
A well-known and respected doctor, love and dating, marriage and relationship coach offers his advice as to what men are really seeking in a relationship. Not surprisingly, the topper on his cake is TRUST. That nifty five letter word that is supposed to be the ornamental background of any solid relationship, and inconsequentially also happens to be on the top of our list of things that guys crave for a relationship. Ladies, still have more questions? Watch this expert video below and learn all that you needed to know on what your man truly desires from a relationship with you.