Being “Over-possessive” and “Controlling” in a relationship

Folks, if you are experiencing a change in your behavior as being “overly-possessive,” or “controlling” in a relationship….then you must change it. Many people who portray this sort of attitude or behavior in a relationship can really “cost” your relationship…or worse, may “damage” you in the long run. I have experienced many negative, past relationships where many men will portray being a very “overly-possessive,” or “controlling” type person. Due to this, I had to completely “cut-ties” with these guys and say “goodbye” for good.

One of the main reasons why I “ran” away from these types of “overly-possessive” and “controlling” relationships is because they were very “unhealthy” for me to stay in. I mean….why would I stay in a relationship that was not going to make me happy? Right? Ask yourself the same question folks. What would you do? Even if you did cared and loved the person so much, it can be very hard to “walk” away from the relationship. But realistically, it’s a lot healthier to make a very confident, “bold” move, and walk out of the relationship as quickly as possible before getting more “hurt” in the end. Doesn’t that make complete sense?

I have dealt with many men that did not know how to control their behavior towards me because they were comfortable with who they are and how they treated me. Since I was not okay with that, I pretty much gave the guys “ultimatums,” or walked out for good. I had recently discussed with one of my very good girlfriends about this subject matter. She also agreed with me too. The thing is….my girlfriend had experienced a very bad marriage that she knew was going to end….even though she still cared and loved her ex-husband very much. She described how the first 10 years were lovely, romantic bliss, and after that….it boiled down to a stop. The love was not there anymore. How sad. The more that my girlfriend talked about her situation, she became more distraught, heartbroken, and of course…..extremely sad. My own girlfriend even admitted to me how she wants to feel more in “control” and “overly-possessive” in a relationship because she wants to feel “dominant” and “powerful” over her man. I looked at her in shock. I basically told her that it was not the right thing to do.

My girlfriend’s marriage did tear her heart apart, but it took some time for her to really heal and move on…..for good. I did tell her that if she keeps up her behavior with being very “controlling,” and “overly-possessive” that her man may run away from her. She looked at me puzzled. I understand every relationship is very different. If every relationship was the same, the world would be a very “boring” place. Right? But all relationships should be treated with love and respect. Folks, there is no need to feel very “dominant” in a relationship at all. There is a reason why people are the way they are. But if you do show signs of “control” or “over-possessiveness,” the relationship may fall, deteriorate, and “cost” you a great or bad relationship gone wrong. So think twice before acting out on these negative behaviors because I am sure your significant other will not be happy in that type of relationship. It’s considered very “hazardous” to the relationship.